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The Battle for Mass Transit in Los Angeles

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This site is dedicated to the ideal expressed by Gandhi, but which perhaps has always existed, that you must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Just several years ago, to talk about a revolution may have sounded like the domain of the naive and the romantic. We may have been asked, what precisely do you want to accomplish with your revolution? Today, as the planet veers closer to ecological catastrophe, as the unsustainable economic behemoth United States continues to crumble, profound changes which are transforming the reality of our existence and could be referred to as revolutionary, seem inevitable.

The penchant for change permeated the society and became the theme of the presidential campaign, producing historic results. This small change, and other greater changes which we are capable of making, as well as changes which have occurred and are occurring throughout the Americas, created by the tides of history, geography, culture, and technology, I refer to as The Revolution; the fall of the Empire, the transformation of our society, the unraveling of anglo-saxon hegemony on our continent, and subsequently the world.

"What this country needs is a radical redistribution of economic power."
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